Books I Can Recommend

Note: when Amazon changed their linking format a couple of years ago, most of the links on this page failed. I only just got the broken links removed. I need to update the lists (and links) but, like the shoemaker’s kids, this page has to wait for shoes!


Throughout my life books have been my friends. I have turned to them for information, for relaxation, for pleasure, and for solace. I learned to read early and I have never stopped. At 62 65 years of age I have well over 2700 3100 books on my Kindle waiting to be read, and the list continues to grow. That’s either considered supreme optimism or the height of arrogance! But, none-the-less, the following are books I can recommend because I have read them.


Below are links to 107 selected books on Amazon. Yes, I get a small fee if you purchase any of these books through the links but they don’t cost you any extra. All of these are books I have personally read. They are the specific books that have had the biggest impact on my life, my business, and my success, and which I sincerely recommend to anyone. You may find some of them of interest to you.


It is my desire to continue to add this list until it reaches 100 or more. There have certainly been that many good books in my life. Initially the list is comprised of mostly business books but it will extend further afield as it continues to grow through my remembering other books I have read but forgotten or new books I read. The books represented are shown in no particular order.


Non-Fiction Books I Can Recommend



I have always objected to the For Dummies, and other similarly titled series, on principle. There is a significant rationale for NOT introducing your sub-conscious to these titles, but the positive value of the content of certain selected volumes makes it worth the risk. I have used many of them myself. Brown paper wrappers anyone?


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Reading fiction has been a big part of my life too. Two authors, Thornton W. Burges and Franklin W. Dixon, played a significant role in my early reading. There are too many titles to list here so I’ve included only a boxed set of some of each. Science fiction interested me from my early teens to the present and I’ve read more than I can possibly remember. In the past two or three decades Tom Clancy has been at the top of my list. I’ve listed the first, and the latest, of his continuing political thriller “Jack Ryan” series, and I’ve thrown in Debt Of Honor because it ominously predicted 9-11. And, of course, there are other gems here. In the case of a series, such as those by Don Pendelton, David Hamilton, John D. McDonald, and Arthur C. Clarke, I’ve usually only included one or two but I’ve likely read, and probably still own, them all.


Fiction Books I Can Recommend


If you haven’t picked up a Dr. Seuss book lately I encourage you to do so. Read it to your kids or to yourself! There is method, and perhaps a message, among all that madness. My first was The Cat In The Hat. I read it until it fell apart. Was the good doctor actually predicting pink slime… you think?


Dr. Seuss Quote - Books I Can Recommend