Author, Instructor, Mentor…

First Faltering Steps…
My story probably isn’t really all that much different than yours. You may have heard it already. Sure, the names are different and the details will vary, but I am just a guy who grew up on a small hobby farm where I learned about chores and gained an entrepreneurial spirit from my parents and the circumstances around me.
There’s really nothing special about my childhood, my schooling, or the jobs I had over the years. I started working for myself early in life. At the age of 14 I already had a long country newspaper route. Those winter evenings were cold and dark as I trudged along through the snow with the strap of the canvas bag cutting into my shoulder. A hundred and twenty-three papers in rural farmland meant a lot of walking.
As a young teen I took on my own greenhouse operation and raised vegetables to sell to a handful of neighbors. I also followed my parents footsteps into the Antique business and drove hundreds of miles on weekends to sell at Antique sales and shows while still in high school. I learned about work early in life and I’m glad I did!
What Else I Learned…
Along the way I picked up an interest in books. It has served me well over the years, both as a source of entertainment, as a business (a used, rare, and antique books store), and for education and information. I cannot stress enough how important good books can be in your life, to your success, your attitude, and your enjoyment.
I have had what many would call a good formal education but I also often say schools can be one of the biggest problems in holding back young entrepreneurs. And, when you are older, you carry a lot of educational baggage with you that often keeps you from making the right choices and taking the right steps even if you do have that wonderful dream of running your own show.
I worked for myself most of my life creating, succeeding, selling, and sometimes miserably failing, as I built business after business. I worked for others, too. For small businesses, where it was sometimes just me and the owner, and for big corporations, at least one of them a Fortune 500 multinational, but mostly I have worked for myself, most often running a small enterprise from an office in my home, in a variety of fields, leading to me being an honored member of a large and growing group that is now being called “solopreneurs”.
How I Can Help You…
My varied experience, and what it has taught me, has served me well through the years. It allows me to help others avoid the mistakes I made learning on my own. It allows me to teach and share the outcomes of that learning so you won’t have to make those same mistakes. I readily admit my own failures. Allow me to help you avoid the time and expense of making those same mistakes yourself.
My successes, in many different fields, serve to give me some insight into understanding, and appreciating, the finer points of your business and provide the specifics you need to move forward. I am not just providing a service in a vacuum or void, I am providing the specific solutions you need for your business to grow and flourish.
Over the last twenty years or so I have build dozens of online enterprises for myself while also helping thousands of other people, just like you, get their own businesses online. Whether they have wanted to start a global empire or just sell on a venue like eBay, I have helped many take their first faltering footsteps on their own path of success. Others have been well established in traditional brick and mortar businesses but looking to make the transition to the virtual world. I have assisted them in finding their own road map. Some were already secure on the ‘net but needed help understanding and applying the new technologies. I stepped up there, too, and helped them find their own solutions from among the myriad choices before them.
A Road Map And A Guide…
If there is one thing I do wish I had back when I first started in business it would have been someone who had walked the path before me who was willing to share what they had learned in order to guide me and help keep me from struggling. How much more I could have done with that kind of support!
Brendon Burchard, founder of Experts Academy, best selling author of The Millionaire Messenger, and someone I follow quite closely these days, says, “The era of ‘ask and you shall receive’ is dead; today’s achievers live and breath by the credo ‘give and you shall receive‘.” I learned this same concept years ago from a very successful person, and mentor, Jim Janz, who told me, “Always give something of value!” For years I have embraced that concept and believes it is more true today than ever before.
Dr. Robert Schuller says, “If you are failing to plan you are planning to fail!” It is a cute turn of phrase but it is also true. Most entrepreneurs fail because they don’t “plan their work and work their plan”, another phrase often attributed to Dr. Schuller, though it may be he actually said, “If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you.” It is not really as important who said the words as it is how true they are. I understand this and apply these concepts to the work I will do with you.
Let Me Guide You On Your Way…
For some time now I have been known online by many as the WordPress Wizard and Coach’s Coach. It’s who I am and what I do. Working with business and personal coaches, instructors, teachers, trainers and heart-centered entrepreneurs (what I often call solopreneurs), I bring my many years of business success (and failure!), website creation, blogging, content writing, and online presence development to the table.
Whether it is a business plan or an action plan you need, if you need help developing your e-commerce website or your social media marketing plan, if you are trying to find your niche or promote your services, if it has to do with your online presence, and your personal journey or your business success, I can help you move forward, now. Don’t hesitate to contact me to talk about your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask the questions you need to ask. I will help you find the answers.
And don’t let the Reverend or the Doctor part scare you or set you back. I will not preach at you nor will I lecture you. Those are just titles I have earned later in life, and which I use when I sign my name, but I have never needed to hear the names Reverend Henry or Doctor Henry. You can just call me Steve or, as many others online, the Wiz. One enterprising young student regularly calls me just Rev. It doesn’t matter what you call me. What is important is that you call!”
Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD.
Hutchinson, KS, June 6, 2011.